Money matters course offered for free

Money matters course offered for free name

From the newly redesigned five pound note to the launch later this year of the twelve sided pound coin, money matters are rarely out of the news. The true value of cash, not to mention bitcoin, banks and bargains, is the topic of frequent debates.

To help explain the facts around finance the University of Cumbria is hosting a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) which will consider the past, present and future of money.

Tutors will take students on the Masters-level qualification through four weeks of lessons considering the status quo and examining alternative ways of buying, selling and saving.

“We’re well aware that this is a subject that appeals to many yet few have the means or time to learn more about something that has such an impact on all our lives,” says course designer Professor Jem Bendell, professor of sustainability leadership. “Whereas most courses on money are intended for people with an economics background or banking future, this course is for people who are interested in understanding money from a social innovation perspective – it prepares the ground for answering how to create a better future by reshaping money and currency.”

To take part won’t cost the earth; it’s free.

Starting on 19th February 2017 and continuing online for four weeks the course is highly interdisciplinary, drawing on anthropology, sociology, history and heterodox economics.

Proving there is nothing more practical than a good theory, one student from last year’s course is setting up a local currency for Cumbria.

“Who knows, perhaps the inventor of the next Bitcoin will be on the course next month,” muses Professor Bendell.

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