Paramedics and midwives invited to university event aimed at improving obstetric emergency treatment

Paramedics and midwives invited to university event aimed at improving obstetric emergency treatment name

Domestic abuse during pregnancy, out-of-hospital obstetric emergencies and neonatal airway management are among subjects to be considered at a conference at the University of Cumbria aimed at paramedics and midwives.

With a variety of professionals involved in this area of health the aim of the event is to remove the rigidity of professional boundaries and encourage professions to work together more closely.

“Complications that arise from pregnancy and childbirth can produce life-threatening events to both mother and child which is why we think it’s important to consider the patient management at this kind of event and work together will allied health professioals to faciliate evidenced based and dignified care” Susan Rhind, a paramedic and lecturer at the University of Cumbria, said.

Organisers hope paramedics and midwives working both within hospitals and the community will be attracted to the event. The clinical focus will be on a transdisciplinary approach to obstetric emergencies with special consideration given to current best evidence and how this can be applied in the community or the back of an ambulance.

Speakers currently include Detective Sergeant Rob Ewin PhD reseacher Domestic Abuse in Pregnancy, midwife and lecturer Sophie Ray Out of Hospital Obstetric Emergencies Collaborative Approach, midwifery consultant Amanda Burleigh Optimal Cord Clamping / Intact Cord Resuscitation and HEMS Doctor Dr Daniel Leach - Neonate/ paediatric airway management.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to contextualise theory relating to antenatal care, management of obstetric emergencies and ongoing patient care to further facilitate clinical appreciation of allied health professionals,” Susan Rhind said.

Out-of-Hospital Obstetric Emergencies: A Transdisciplinary Approach will be held at the Lancaster campus of the university from 10-4pm on October 3 2018.

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 Pictured: Paramedic and lecturer Susan Rhind.