Praise for mental health students' hospital outreach project.

Praise for mental health students' hospital outreach project. name

A new leaflet designed to raise awareness of mental health for patients and families treated at the University Hospitals Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust has been created by a University of Cumbria mental health nursing student.

Catherine Hind, who also volunteers with Samaritans of Lancaster and District, has been working on an emotional support project and is the charity’s hospital outreach team leader.

“The outreach project was able to bring everybody together and is helpful for those who are coming to A&E and struggling with their emotional health,” Catherine said.

As well as the leaflet, the project offers staff training to develop a higher level of emotional understanding and ways to take appropriate action when faced with emotionally distressed patients.

“We are also helping patients to recognise when they are struggling and that it is okay to seek support. Talking and being listened to is definitely pivotal and that is what the Samaritans and the project is about”

Jenny Dighton, director of Samaritans of Lancaster and District, added: “We are very pleased to be working together with UHMBT. We always want to be involved with our local hospitals and Trusts. We knew that if people had good access to Samaritans and a good awareness of how to contact us they need not feel on their own, they could always get support from us.

“We are keen to use and build upon our current resources and offer realistic support options to those in need of it.”

Paul Jebb, Assistant Chief Nurse at UHMBT said: “We want people to be able to self-care but also get the right care in the right place. A&E is very busy, and for someone trying to resolve their mental well-being and emotional needs, there are other alternatives to that.”