Pupils play real-life biologists for a day

Pupils play real-life biologists for a day name

Cumbrian pupils break from regular lessons next Tuesday to experience a day in the life of a research biologist.

Children in years 7 and 8 from eight schools across the county will descend upon the University of Cumbria for a fantastic Festival of Biology, which aims to open their eyes to the exciting world of biology.

During the day, the pupils will get the opportunity to try out skills used by biologists in a real laboratory - determining different species using a scientific key and developing problem-solving skills as they respond to a real-life scenario set.

At the end of the day, there will be a fun interactive session that will pitch weird and wonderful animals against each other to determine the most extraordinary creatures on the planet.

Caroline Sharples, Academic Lead for STEM at the University of Cumbria is keen for pupils to experience the wonder of biology and get hands on with specimens which they may not have access to in school.

Caroline said: “Biology is a fascinating area of science and this is a really exciting opportunity for students to come and have a go at some hands on biology with us at the university.

“I hope the activities will spark their imaginations and get them thinking about what else in the natural world they are curious about and what they might like to do in the future.

“One of my favourite things about biology is that there is very rarely a definitive answer and there is a lot of scope for debate and I hope they may get a taste of this during some of our activities.”

The Festival of Biology is happening in Cumbria for the first time in partnership with the North West Branch of the Royal Society of Biology and Hello Future, a partnership of local universities, colleges and employers who are committed to improving access to higher education in Cumbria.

While the children enjoy a fun-packed day of exciting experiments, teachers have also been catered for as the festival offers a professional development workshop for them.

The Festival of Biology will take place at the laboratories of the University of Cumbria, Fusehill Street campus on Tuesday 2 July, 9:30am-3pm.