Ultimate trip for frisbee playing occupational therapy student

Ultimate trip for frisbee playing occupational therapy student name

It’s a game which replies purely on sportsmanship.

Utimate Frisbee (or just ultimate) is self-refereed, involves a seven a side mixed team and has attracted millions of players since it began in the U.S.

Among them is Laura Triggs, a student at the University of Cumbria, who alongside studying a masters in occupational therapy has just competed alongside 3,500 competitors from 36 countries in the sports’ World Championship event.

Since the age of 15 when her family moved to Florida, Laura has taken part in the game and secured a place in a team which recruits from the north of England when she moved back to the UK. Now living in Warrington but studying in Carlisle, she still finds time to play at international level.

“I play for a mixed team called SMOG who train in Manchester and Durham,” Laura said. Juggling studying, placements and training, she was delighted to be asked to travel to the recent World Championships held in Ohio, U.S.A.

She added: “We had a great time! We came 21st out of 48 and played 3 Japanese teams, 2 American teams, 2 Canadian teams, and Spanish, New Zealand and Venezuelan teams - loads of fun!”

Supported by the Student Union Student Opportunities Fund, Laura was one of an estimated 3,500 players taking part.

“There were some good games against some really tough teams where we really proved ourselves and overall we were happy with how we performed, the competition was tough, there were only a couple of games where we felt we should have won when we didn't and that was mostly on the days when heat and tiredness got to us!”

Pictured: Laura and team SMOG.