University lecturer goes on nationwide tour to capture opinions on UK leaving the EU

University lecturer goes on nationwide tour to capture opinions on UK leaving the EU name

A University of Cumbria lecturer is touring the United Kingdom to listen to and record the views of everyday voters since the Government gave notice to leave the EU by triggering Article 50. 

Alice Myers, Lecturer of Photography, and Ali Avery, an artist, will take a two-week tour of the four countries that make up the UK, stopping off at 50 mile intervals and knocking on every no. 50 door they pass, documenting their journey photographically as they go. The tour kicks off today, Monday 10 April, in Anglesey, Wales.

The pilot sound project called ‘Indefinite Article’ aims to capture the disparate views of leave and remain voters up and down the country to create an accessible online sound archive on the subject for posterity and to provide material for future art projects. 

Alice Myers Lecturer in Photography at the University of Cumbria said: “The idea came from the sense there are growing divisions following the Brexit vote and that people aren’t really talking to people that they disagree with. We wanted to take this moment of change in our country’s history to pause and ask what is important to them and what they would like to hold onto and what they want to grow in the future.”

“We’ve decided to use Article 50 as our inspiration and travel in leaps of 50 miles around the country. Visiting every country in the UK where we will knock on no.50 doors and listen to everyone that we can on the way.”

The team will make audio recordings which they will turn into an openly accessible audio archive available on the Indefinite Article website. They plan to develop an audio tour and in the future they want to fundraise to get local artists to respond to the material by creating works of art.

Diane Cox, Director of Research & Head of the Graduate School, said: “The University of Cumbria is delighted to be supporting this fascinating project, which takes an alternative approach to consider the ramifications of triggering Article 50, engaging with people across the UK”.

The tour will begin on Monday 10 April in Anglesey, Wales after which the team will visit Stoke-on-Trent then Belfast, followed by various locations in Lancashire, Cumbria, Dumfriesshire, Mid Lothian, the North East, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

YouTube video of Alice Myers talking about the project