University of Cumbria Professor to tell United Nations about the future of money

University of Cumbria Professor to tell United Nations about the future of money  name

On 11 May, a professor from the university will present his research on the future of money at the United Nations. Experts from around the world are convening in Geneva to explore innovative approaches to financing social enterprises, in the context of global efforts to finance international development. Professor Jem Bendell will present findings from his book 'Healing Capitalism', on the need to transform monetary systems, as well as the creation of local currencies used in poor urban areas in Kenya.

Last year Professor Bendell explained to the world’s media the reason for Cumbria becoming the world’s first public university to accept bitcoin for the payment of fees on relevant courses. The university researches the topic and offers courses in currency innovation for sustainable development. Earlier this year over 300 people joined the university’s free online course on this topic, with some progressing to take the Certificate of Achievement in Sustainable Exchange, which is taught by Professor Bendell from the London campus.

The gathering in Geneva is organised by the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), which for 60 years has brought fresh and challenging thinking to the international stage to help world leaders and UN agencies hear broader views on sustainable development.  

Professor Bendell has been on secondment to the UN for three months, and recently presented his research on the role of monetary systems in the house price crisis. Some of his UN colleagues will be attending the ‘Leading Wellbeing’ festival that the university's Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) is organising in Ambleside with the Brathay Trust, in July.

“A great strength of our university is that we are not stuck in academic boxes, and can approach both local and global challenges from a variety of intellectual traditions” explains Professor Bendell. “This being the year the world’s governments agree new Sustainable Development Goals, fresh thinking is needed on the systemic causes and answers to rising inequality, economic insecurity and environmental decay. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to bring our university’s critical and creative approach to the international stage.”

In June Professor Bendell gives an open lecture on disruptive leadership at the university’s campus in Ambleside, the Lake

For further information about the Certificate of Achievement in Sustainable Exchange, click here.