University of Cumbria to co-host future of farming DEFRA consultation event

University of Cumbria to co-host future of farming DEFRA consultation event  name

An event to set out the government’s vision for the future of food, farming and the environment is to be held in Cumbria.

Co-hosted by University of Cumbria alongside the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, this event is one of a series of consultation events being held to discuss Health and Harmony: the future for food, farming and the environment in a Green Brexit.

The event, at Rheged on April 3, will see academics from the university facilitate discussions among an invited audience.

Dr Lois Mansfield, principal lecturer within the Centre for National Parks & Protected Areas, will be among keynote speakers at the event.

 ”This is a real opportunity for the county’s agriculture and food industry to have their say about work which could have a massive impact on livelihoods,” Dr Mansfield said. “It is a key opportunity for all types stakeholders, especially the farming community, to input into this consultation. Comments and observations from the day will be used by Defra to shape how the so-called Green Brexit will affect areas such as Cumbria. Taking part in this process now may well help shape future government policy which will affect us all.”

The consultation is the first step towards a new Agriculture Bill, later in the year, and the precursor to the legislation required to manage changes to the UK agriculture policy following Brexit.

Health and Harmony: The Future for Food, Farming and the Environment in a Green Brexit consultation opened on Tuesday 27th February and will close on Tuesday 8th May. During this time, responses can be made online via: