University webpage launched to mark 10th anniversary

University webpage launched to mark 10th anniversary 

When Margaret Johnston gave birth in the former maternity unit at Fusehill Street in Carlisle she never imagined she would one day be working a stones throw away from where her children were born.

The university’s Carlisle-based HR business partner is among contributors who have told their story as part of a fascinating series of short films which feature on a webpage set up to mark the 10th anniversary of the formation of the University of Cumbria.

Others include Rev Alex Logan, the chaplaincy coordinator for the university, whose career has brought her back to the Lancaster campus where she studied 20 years earlier. Meanwhile a tiny oak tree, carefully nurtured by principal lecturer and bonsai expert Steve Ogden, is a constant reminder of the launch of the university a decade ago.

“When we became a university we were given an oak tree – I think there was over a hundred acorns that were gathered from a tree in the grounds of Brampton Road,” Steve recounts.

His, and the other ‘Ten Tales,’ give an insight into the lives of some of the people who work at the university in Carlisle, Lancaster, Ambleside and London.

The pages also include a timeline setting out the historic background of campuses, how the university has helped communities and details of world leading research.

Events planned for the year include a city centre pop-up campus, service at Carlisle Cathedral and an exhibition made up of artefacts from the university archives. Full details of these and other anniversary events will appear on a special events section within the web page. 

“The university – and the institutions from which it was created – has a long and proud history as a significant and sought after institution,” Pro Vice Chancellor Sandra Booth said. ”The wealth of knowledge and learning that has come from Cumbria and north Lancashire is immense and we felt the tenth anniversary of the creation of the University of Cumbria was the perfect time to create a collection of stories, pictures and a comprehensive timeline which sets out notable moments in our history. This web page contains a fascinating range of achievements which we hope will grow as our celebratory events planned throughout the anniversary year take place.”