UoC alumni band The Tailormade talk about their time as students

UoC alumni band The Tailormade talk about their time as students name

The Tailormade, all graduates from the University of Cumbria, have featured on the university’s new recruitment videos. Their song ‘Days of Our Lives’, is written about their time at the university where they studied at the Brampton Road campus in Carlisle.

The band had a fabulous 2016, supporting some great names, such as CeeLo Green, Lemar and Will Young. Their highly acclaimed EP ‘Thoughts, Fears and Beers’ takes them into an equally exciting 2017.

We wanted to find out a little more about what they thought of their time with us at the University of Cumbria, so we caught up with Aaron and Jack from the band, and here is what they said:

Aaron Murphy:

‘The University of Cumbria was definitely a place I miss now I have left. Living in Carlisle was strange at first as I thought I was going to miss the big city life but luckily it wasn't what I expected. It is a small city in the middle of stunning surroundings with the Lake District just a short journey away. Whilst it can be quiet and picturesque it was far from dull as the locals and students know how to enjoy themselves so you never have a boring day or night! The course itself was perfect for me. I had heard horror stories from other people’s unis about having barely any teaching time, huge classes and loads of essays which they really struggled with…. but it was the complete opposite. The university had all the facilities you would ever need, unbelievably helpful staff and all the teaching time you needed, but still gave me ridiculous amounts of creative freedom when it came to actually doing the course. They were also very helpful and lenient when I was doing lots of work experience which helped me no end in the long run. I would advise anybody who is looking for a genuine fun and creative university experience to look at Cumbria’.

Jack Frimston:

‘For me the University of Cumbria wasn't just a university. It was a home, and somewhere we regularly go back to. I speak to friends from my hometown and everyone has a completely different experience to us. The university became a community. I studied Musical Theatre and Drama Joint Honours. With the University of Cumbria whatever you put in you got out. The lecturers were always there on hand if you wanted them or their resources. A lot of people go to university because it's the done thing and next stage in life, with Cumbria it prepares you for the outside world and helps you get that one step closer to where you want to be. Living in the heart of Cumbria was fantastic, there's always something to do and you're surrounded by scenery’.

You can find out more about what The Tailormade are up to now on their website thetailormade.co.uk or Facebook page www.facebook.com/thetailormade.