Watermark makes a splash

Watermark makes a splash  name

Visitors to this year’s Words by the Water literature festival in Keswick have been entertained and informed by a publication produced by students from the University of Cumbria's Institute of the Arts.

The ten-day long event brings a host of famed writers, thinkers and journalists together with readers to share the pleasure of books through talks, lectures, discussions, workshops, book launches and special exhibitions at the Theatre by the Lake on Derwentwater.

Watermark, a 24-page magazine packed with articles and illustrations, is the result of a collaborative effort by University of Cumbria degree students studying English literature, creative writing, graphic design, photography, illustration, wildlife media, travel and adventure media.

“The response has been fantastic, with people picking it up and reading it in between events – it’s proved an ideal companion to the festival,” according to Phil John from organisers Ways With Words. “I think it’s a great publication. Volunteers have actively promoted it and pointed out to visitors that it’s produced by students from Cumbria’s own university.”

From initial concept to writing, designing, proof-reading and watching the first print run roll off the presses, the students have made the most of an experience that has given them a taste of real-life work in the media.

“This kind of collaboration across disciplines defines a key aim we have for our students,” says Tony Randall, senior lecturer in media at the university. “The companies that employ our students value the hands-on experience their new recruits have received while studying at Cumbria.”

Pic: L-R Beth Sharples, Victoria Smith, Sian Whitfield and Graeme Guthrie.