World leading intelligence specialist buys former business student’s brainchild

World leading intelligence specialist buys former business student’s brainchild  name

A technology usage data company dreamed up and launched by a University of Cumbria business student has been sold for an undisclosed sum to a major American intelligence specialist.

Only a year after graduating, Tim Royston-Webb has seen the acquisition of his London-based brainchild by HG Data, which identifies software, hardware and cloud services used by millions of companies worldwide.

Originally from Derby, Tim set up Pivotal iQ while studying for his MBA degree at the university’s business school.

He has seen his firm grow from a three-man operation in 2016, to 150 employees in 2018.

Tim explained: “I have held senior roles at some of the world’s leading business intelligence companies and doing my masters’ in business administration gave me the motivation to start Pivotal iQ.

“The course was very inspirational and offered an opportunity to meet leaders from across the world and see how they achieved success while giving back to the community.”

Fellow UoC business student Manish Patel, from Harrow, put the iQ into Pivotal and is now the company’s chief marketing officer.

Manish praised his university experience, explaining lectures know about the real world and how business operated.

He added: “This is important because there is an element of honesty about learning from teachers who have run businesses and whose teaching is not just based upon untried theories.”

Pivotal iQ is now part of the Santa-Barbara based conglomerate HG Data, which has offices in London, New York, California and Hyderabad, in India.

Tim has become HG Data’s executive vice president of strategy and Manish marketing director.

UoC’s senior business lecturer, Dr Grace Hurford, explained that Tim had studied ethics and sustainability.

She added: “His inclusive and creative approach, as well as talent, was evident. We are so pleased to hear of Tim and Manish's success not just in business but in giving back to their communities, and we wish them both well in their endeavours.”