World’s ‘best job’ beckons

World’s ‘best job’ beckons name

As a young girl Amelia Murphy dislocated her knee playing football and told the paramedics who treated her that she wanted to join the emergency services.

“Join us,” they quipped, “it’s the best job in the world.”

She said she wished they could have seen her graduate at Carlisle Cathedral this week with a paramedic practice Diploma in Higher Education from University of Cumbria (UoC).

More of a calling than career choice for the Derby 20-year-old, Amelia’s fascination with the teams in green began when they responded to frequent calls from her grandmother’s medical alarm.

She explained: “It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for so long and today I can’t quite believe I’ve not only got the qualifications I need, but have won an award too.”

Rewarded for her academic prowess in a landmark ceremony, she received the Jim Cox prize for the most inspirational student.

Her principal lecturer, Stewart Ralph, said it was the first group to study for the paramedic practice higher education diploma and praised the 18 student trail-blazers who completed the course at UoC’s Ambleside campus.

He explained: “Amelia stood out, achieving an average 80 percent success rate. She has a fantastic ability to soak information and then apply it academically and practically. She was also a confidant to a number of students, helping them through their studies and giving support. For such a young lady she displayed remarkable maturity.”

All set to join the East Midlands Ambulance Service in September, she’s excited about a future responding to 999 calls.

She added: “I wanted to be a paramedic to make a difference to people’s lives at a time of need.

“I chose UoC for its facilities, course structure and experienced lecturing team. Also, the chance to study in one of the most beautiful parts of the country and the outdoor experiences Ambleside offered was very appealing.

“Everything lived up to my expectations and went beyond them. To get this prize was the icing on the cake and I feel very honoured to have been nominated.

“I’ll always look back on the part UoC has played to my personal and professional life. I’ve loved it all, from learning new theoretical knowledge to applying it in practical placements.

“I look forward now to becoming an experienced paramedic, continuing my studies and hopefully progressing to specialist areas such as lecturing, critical care, or possibly air ambulance.

“Thank you UoC!”