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My name is Colin Coghill and I have the pleasure of being the Director of Information Services.  I have been here for seven years with a previous career in HE IT consultancy and IT leadership in HE and the private sector. I can honestly say that in so many ways this is the best job I’ve ever had.

Working with my colleagues in the Service and across the university is never dull, often challenging (normally in a good way) and we can always see the impacts of the work we do. The breadth of skills and services we provide to our students and colleagues is huge and we all have the ability and authority to make a difference. 

What makes Cumbria special is the lack of formality and the willingness to share and work together at all levels. Coming from an IT background where it’s so often the case of needing to be very persuasive to be involved, the opposite is true here: we are constantly being asked to work across the university in so many ways; fortunately we have a pretty strict planning and prioritisation process though to help manage workload and ensure we do the things that really will make a difference. We have earned the trust and respect of the Vice-Chancellor and across the university and this is often acknowledged.

If you have the skills and attitude to be part of our team and the wider university, you will never find life dull and your contribution will be recognised and appreciated. 

Best wishes.

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I’m a Systems Developer and Analyst working in the Information Systems Team.  I’ve been at the University for eight years, having previously worked for a large Utility company. When I relocated to the South Lakes area with my husband, I didn’t think I would be able to get another job in IT.  I couldn’t believe my luck when this opportunity came up in Lancaster, which is a short train journey from home along one of the most scenic railway lines in the country!

My team looks after a number of large corporate systems as well as developing in-house applications and interfaces. I really enjoy the variety of the work we do and I enjoy being part of a small, close-knit team. I like the ‘lean and mean’ nature of the University which means that I feel everything I do makes a valuable contribution. I find it easy to forge relationships with my colleagues in IT and also with the system managers and experts we work with across the organisation. I have found everyone I work with to be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable – the University seems to attract nice people! 


I've been at the University for nearly 8 years now, 4 of those as a System Developer Analyst. I live in Lancaster and have a young family, so working somewhere so close to the city centre and our kid's school means that I get that work / life balance. I even have time to pop home at lunch and walk the dog.

We're not the biggest, but that means our teams are more connected than other places I've worked. There's a real community feel to the campus.  Plus you get to work on very different types of projects here, so it's never dull and you're always developing


I had always worked in the private sector before, so moving into Education was totally different, I must like it though because I have been here since 2007, therefore all of the lifetime of UoC. 

I can actually say that I am proud to work here, seeing the students starting their independent lives through to graduating and starting their working life’s, getting to talk to people all over the world with our various partnerships and helping out mature students; we also partner the community and there is no better buzz at clearing, welcome week, open days and graduation.

The hours are decent, pay and conditions are good and with nearly 7 weeks holiday per year, you need to give it a try; you won’t regret it

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