Legal Services consists of a Legal Services Team based at Fusehill Street and administrative support shared with others in the Vice Chancellor's Office. We work closely with our appointed external solicitors to provide comprehensive advice on all legal issues arising from the University’s business. The team supports the operation of University business by providing or sourcing timely, professional and practical advice which allows staff to deal with legal issues in an appropriately informed manner. 

The team will:

  • develop and make available a set of standard templates and guidance notes that will allow staff to deal with straightforward matters at a local level

  • develop and maintain a library of antecedent cases/processes and current legislation on which to base in-house advice to staff on common or recurring issues

  • provide staff with a link to the expert, specialist advice available from the University’s external solicitors as required in new or more complex matters; In accordance with protocols established for instructing the University’s external solicitors, the Legal Services Officer is the first point of contact for all issues where legal advice is required and is responsible for initial instruction and for arranging liaison between the solicitors and appropriate staff thereafter

  • manage administrative arrangements with our externally appointed solicitors

  • provide support to staff in the preparation, application and review of policies, procedures and regulations to ensure legal compliance and to develop the use of standard corporate documentation

  • develop the provision of staff training to ensure staff awareness of legal issues and institutional procedures.
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