End of Placement Survey Results 2016/17

The Placement Unit (Education) would like to thank all those students who completed the End of Placement Survey during the Academic Year 2016/17.

Your feedback is key in ensuring the Placement Unit (Education) continues to provide and maintain a high level of customer service, whilst allowing us to respond to areas of concern, modify provision and identify examples of good practice.

Students will again be invited to take part in these surveys during the academic year 2017/18. Remember your opinion matters so ensure your feedback plays a constructive part where it matters most!

Some of the key outcomes to come from the survey include:

Student feedback

“Thanks for all of your help and support over the last 3 years”

“Keep doing the good work”

“Office was fantastic!”

“Very helpful and always there to contact”

“There were clear instructions about beginning placement, and I felt I received the right amount of information and support prior to placement.”

“Information about placement expectations were clear”

“The Office where extremely fast and efficient when responding to travel claims. I was very relieved and happy with this!”

During the Academic Year 16/17 the Placement Unit (Education) organised 1322 Placements between its three campuses; Lancaster, Carlisle and London.

Between these campus the  placement notification timeframe was

 Students receiving 20 days notice (81.92%)

 Students receiving 10 days notice (15.28%)

 Students receiving less than 10 days notice (2.57%)

 Students starting late (0.23%)


Education partnership student survey

2016/17 Average travel time to placement

 Less than 30 minutes (52%)

 31-60 minutes (39%)

 61-90 minutes (9%)

Education partnership student survey

2016/17 Average travel costs to placement 

 Less than £10 (26%)

 £11 - £20 (32%)

 £21 - £30 (17%)

 £31 - £40 (12%)

 £41+ (13%)

Education partnership student survey