Every year the university organises a series of Open Days, Visit Days and Interview Day events. Our aim is to provide a clear impression of student life at the university. This means we give prospective students information on a range of topics from finance to student support. However we cannot give the student perspective of University life, so this is where you come in. We are looking for Ambassadors from a wide range of backgrounds and age groups, covering as many of our core subject areas as possible, from across all of our campuses.

Please direct any Student Ambassador queries not covered below to schoolsandcolleges@cumbria.ac.uk


Frequently Asked Questions

How often do we need you?

Shift opportunities vary from week to week and the time of year.  These could be during the day, evenings or weekends - campus visits, careers fairs, residentials, office work to name but a few!  However, signing up to be a student ambassador does not mean that you have to work every time we contact you. You are under no obligation to work as the work is flexible and if you cannot work it does not mean we won’t contact you again.

So, do you need to show people round the campus?

Part of being a student ambassador is to show prospective students around campus, including accommodation, students union and catering amongst other things. You will receive campus tour training and would normally 'shadow' an experienced ambassador once or twice first.

What else do ambassadors do?

You also need to be able to answer general questions about what it is like to be a student at the university. This could be anything from talking about lectures in general or explaining your specific degree programme; to telling prospective students what there is to do on and off campus outside classes. Your here to give information from a student point of view, we cover many general points in our training sessions.

You may be given the chance to facilitate workshops for visiting schools. This will be working with pupils in Years 7-13, and sometimes with primary school groups. You would always be informed of which activities were being used and how you should help. You soon get to know the activities used.

There are also opportunities to work at graduation ceremonies, participate in digital marketing and from time to time clerical and office work.

So what sort of person are we looking for?

We need people who want to help and give a student perspective on life at the university. You need to be able to communicate clearly with groups of between 2 and 50 people and have no problem answering questions from all age groups. You need to have the ability to appear bright and cheerful, whatever your real mood and, most importantly, present a calm, polite exterior. A sense of humour is always good to have too!

What do you get for being an Ambassador?

Well, firstly you get paid the National Minimum Wage (dependent on age) which is an extra help to any student. Many of our current students really enjoy their role as ambassador for the university, and get a lot out of talking to potential new students who are in a similar situation to which they themselves were a couple of years ago. Also it allows you to expand your individual skills, such as communication skills, time keeping, thinking on your feet and confidence in your own ability - and you can include it on your CV!

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