You might have heard there's a conversation starting around the future of UoC Ambleside - to build on the best of what we have now and strengthen our offer as a great place to study, work and be. The aim is to develop the direction, strategy and planning for a better UoC Ambleside.

We'd love you to be part of this conversation.

Why now?

The focus on Ambleside is part of a wider university strategy by the Vice Chancellor, Julie Mennell, and team. Having been through a fairly tough process of balancing the books, the university is now at a point to focus on the future and making the most of our unique heritage and location in the heart of the National Park.

What's happening?

The VC has brought in Jo Chaffer, a PhD researcher at IFLAS and consultant with experience in Higher Education strategy globally, to start the process. The first steps are to spark conversations with our staff, students, neighbours, partners and stakeholders. The conversations work from an Appreciative style Inquiry method to understand different perspectives on the 'best of' with an aspiration towards the 'best possible'.

The focus is towards a vibrant, sustainable and open campus and centre of academic excellence, distinctively different through its grounding in the locale. 

How long?

The time frame for this process is from now through to the end January. We start with conversations, follow up on emerging themes and check these against opportunities and constraints to develop an outline plan and a series of action options. It's an open, transparent process so we will check-in with you again before the final documents go before the Executive Team and Board for their decisions.

The university would very much value the chance to understand your thoughts on the current situation, the opportunities and key influences regarding a better UoC Ambleside. We'd welcome your stories on what has worked well from the past or now; your ideas and opinions on what the best possible Ambleside university campus might look and feel like.

If you have time and energy please come along to our Open Event in the Beehive, Ambleside campus:

  • Dec 12th 9am to 1pm

Alternatively, add your thoughts to the short online survey or if you'd prefer to chat in person then ping an email to Jo Chaffer to arrange a meeting

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