Lady Killer Scene by Aizat Haris Ariffin

Aizat Haris Ariffin

Filmmaker - 'Lady Killer' Short Film

Aizat Haris Ariffin MA Creative Practice Student Profile, Aizat Haris Ariffin MA Creative Practice Student Profile

My Exhibition Piece

I am exhibiting an excerpt from my final project, a film called 'Lady Killer'. I chose this scene to show in particular as this scene was integral to the brief that I had set up for this particular project. I wanted to learn how to compose a horror scene by building tension and put my knowledge of what I knew about creating an uneasy and eerie mood to the test.

Art Medium of Preference

Although I enjoy drawing, experimenting with analogue films and photography, filmmaking and video art is my most favourite art form.

Why I Did a Master's Degree

I chose this MA because I have always been interested in creating art, however, I felt there were other elements of making art which I had never considered before, such as phenomenology, post-modernism and semiotics. Taking this course helped me better understand what it means to create art and the connotations and meaning behind elements of art which I used to overlook or was oblivious to.

What Is Next for Me

I would like to continue with building my portfolio as a filmmaker, score composer and sound designer. And I obviously want to work in the industry as a professional.

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Aizat Ariffin MA Creative Practice Student Profile

Lady Killer

The Film 

Advisory viewing: 18 - contains strong language and violent scenes

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