After attending the University of Cumbria, I went straight into my first teaching post in September 2010.

Having continued my education at my village high school to complete A levels, I found the prospect of starting university in a new city daunting. The small campus at Lancaster however offered a community feel, a course I felt (and still feel) passionate about and staff who were (and are) inspiring and friendly.

I am a Special Educational Needs specialist. During the four years I attended the university both my confidence and knowledge grew, nourished by a wide range of experiences, theory and enjoyment. Highlights for me were an experiential placement at a school for children with social, emotional and behavioural needs, having the freedom to write a special study on a subject of my interest and being constantly encouraged to develop my own thoughts and opinions. The list could go on.

I am now in my second year of teaching at a small village primary school in Cheshire. I teach a mixed class of year one and two children and am also the subject co-ordinator for History and Geography. I love my job; I have the opportunity to be creative and active and I find every day rewarding.

I have been inspired by my experiences at the University of Cumbria to continue my studies and am currently working towards an MA in education. I have found that in teaching I am constantly learning, and it’s wonderful!

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