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Bright Futures

Cumbria is a relatively young university and yet we have achieved so much. Without a doubt, our graduates are our greatest contribution to society. We must ensure that a University of Cumbria education will enhance the lives of individuals and foster the development of the communities to which we belong. Our students will be committed to excellence in learning and teaching underpinned by research and enterprise, and equipped for employment, individual fulfilment and lifelong learning.

Our four corporate themes (sustainability, creativity, employability and enterprise) establish our profile and reputation by reflecting our key strengths and the unique ‘Cumbria Experience’ we provide. The global employability market is increasingly competitive and having real-world experience is vital. We need to offer students access to a range of opportunities to experience commercial environments, develop professional and transferable skills, gain experiences and benefit from mentoring.

Bright Futures provides financial support to students at the University of Cumbria undertaking internships or work experience relevant to their future career. Bright Futures is linked to the Skills Development element of the University of Cumbria Employability Award, Career Ahead, whereby students need to undertake 100 hours extra-curricular activity, for example, volunteer/paid employment, coaching, mentoring, caring, student ambassador work etc.

The aim of Bright Futures is to assist students in improving their personal and professional development by allowing them to take up critical experiences they may otherwise not be able to afford and providing life-changing experiences. Bright Futures will support our four guiding themes and enable us to continue to provide a sustainable and solid base for all our students to benefit. Your support is crucial.

Give today to provide a life-changing opportunity.

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