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Film and TV graduate gets a career boost

In August and September 2013 the Film and TV programme was given the opportunity to place one of its graduates in a two month internship at The Look, a leading London based post production house. To assist with travel and accommodation the chosen graduate Lewis Hammell was awarded a Bright Futures Bursary.

Lewis said: “The bursary I received from the Bright Futures Fund helped travel in and out of London at peak times to The Look. During my time there I participated in several colour grading sessions with the staff and clients. A particular highlight was sitting in on the 3D depth grade for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode. Each week I gained a new set of responsibilities, from booking in new projects to working directly with clients in the grading suites. My time at The Look was wonderful and I left more confident and industry ready than I ever could have hoped to be.”

At the end of the internship unfortunately The Look, was unable to offer Lewis a full-time job, however they were so impressed with him, his work ethic and attitude that they found him a job at Envy Post Postproduction on their graduate scheme.

Without the bursary it would have been extremely difficult for Lewis to take up the initial opportunity, making the move to London and ultimately achieving a full-time graduate job in the highly competitive world of Film and TV Postproduction. The Bright Futures Bursary made the crucial difference, allowing Lewis Hammell to begin to fulfil his full potential.

Posted on Tuesday 28 January 2014