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Students experience career opportunities in digital marketing

Fat Media Ltd is a national award-winning digital marketing company based in Lancaster. In November 2013 Bright Futures supported a number of students from various course programmes across Carlisle and Lancaster campuses to meet the team. This activity was one of several employer-focused events offered to Career Ahead students.

Thelma Aye, Talent Manager at Fat Media Ltd said, “We were delighted to host students from the University of Cumbria at a careers event here at Fat Media. It was a great opportunity to showcase how the variety of career paths available to graduates here rival that of a large blue chip company.

"The individuality within our team is one of our key advantages; it allows everyone to make a positive difference to the business as well as have the chance to do something different and to develop and follow a new specialism, if that’s their dream. I hope the event inspired some of the students and encouraged them to consider an exciting career in digital marketing whether that was back end development or SEO.”

Posted on Tuesday 28 January 2014