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Training provides students with leadership skills

As part of the University of Cumbria’s Employability Award, Career Ahead, a two day leadership training event was held at the Lancaster campus in February 2013.

The training was both informative and practical and included a presentation about the theory of leadership, a practical outdoor team building activity and a strategic thinking activity. Both days were received very positively by the students; it was a great opportunity for students to build on existing skills and develop them further.

Libby Davies, Careers and Employability Officer said, “If it wasn’t for the Bright Futures Fund we would not have been able to transport students from the Carlisle campus to the leadership training event at Lancaster. The students really got a lot out of the training, developing team building and management skills as well as their confidence; skills that will inevitably help them in the working world in the future.”

Here’s what some of them had to say about their experience:

“It was a great insight into the army’s perspective on leadership. There was a good mix of practical and theory”. (Kevin Goodall, FdA Professional Practice for Business, Lancaster)

“It was lots of fun. We were able to reflect on our strengths and areas for improving”. (Eve Locker, Primary Education, Carlisle)

“I was daunted about coming before because I don’t have much leadership experience, but it made me realise that everyone has the potential to be a leader”. (Rachel Kane, MSc Occupational Therapy, Carlisle)

“It was really enjoyable. I liked the military side of it because it was really interesting, a really beneficial day!” (Olivia Croft, Child Nursing, Carlisle)

Posted on Tuesday 28 January 2014