Japanese House Virtual Reality by Andre Duarte

Andre Duarte

Digital Artist & Animator - Immersion in Virtual Reality

Andre Duarte MA Creative Practice Student Profile,

My Exhibition Piece

I am exhibiting four rendered digital animation shorts of my final project for my master's degree, which was developed for a virtual reality experience with a focus on phobias and surrealism. This is accompanied by a few still shots of previous projects which illustrate other works developed. 

Art Medium of Preference

Digital art and animation. 

Why I Did a Master's Degree

Coming from a BA in Video Game Design, which was very much focused on traditional gaming, I chose the MA in Creative Practice because it allowed me the freedom to experiment within my field, allowing me to experiment with less conventional platforms like Virtual Reality. 

What Is Next for Me

I will continue to experiment with Virtual Reality. I see it as a platform that is quite underrated because it is something that has to be tried to be fully understood and I can see it having a massive potential not only in video games but also other arts and entertainment industries. 

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