Most part-time students are invoiced by module in each semester. Modular billing enables you to study at a rate you can afford, and over a period of time which suits you. Please note that some course fees may be subject to inflation.

For more information about tuition fees and student loans, please visit our finance pages.



Paying your fees

You can pay your fees using our online payment system. Tuition fee invoices are sent electronically to students' university and personal email accounts - this must be paid in full at the start of the semester.

Make a payment - with an invoice

Make a payment - without an invoice

Employer funded students

Employer funded (excluding CPD-Apply)

Employer funded (including self-funded/employer funded partnerships)

If you are funded by your employer for all or part of your course, the Invoicing Team will need confirmation of financial sponsorship. This may be a purchase order OR confirmation from your sponsor on headed letter paper detailing the amount they agree to pay, together with your student number, sponsor contact name and address for invoicing purposes.

Please be advised that in the absence of confirmation of sponsorship, an invoice will be raised to you following registration.

Please contact the Invoicing Team by email:

Please be advised that in the absence of confirmation of sponsorship, an invoice will be raised to you following registration.

Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELCAS) - Armed forces personnel

About the Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme

We are proud to be a registered learning provider with the Ministry of Defence's ELCAS scheme. ELCAS is a scheme run by the Ministry of Defence to provide financial support to Armed Forces personnel (both serving and service leavers) to study a course at university.

How do I apply?

If you’re interested in applying for the ELCAS scheme, then visit their website to find out if you match their criteria. Those who do should submit their application at least 5 weeks before the start of their course. Our Learning Provider’s Reference number is 3046-be sure to include this on your application to study at the University of Cumbria.

The ELCAS website has all the forms and details you need to submit your application, so if you think you might qualify, it’s worth having a look.

Apply now

Further information

If you’re not quite sure whether this scheme is right for you, then please contact one of our Student Money Advisers to get more information.

To find out which courses lead to a degree qualification or higher, please check our courses pages for all the information you need to decide which course is right for you.

CPD-Apply (NHS Trust or CCG) funded

CPD-Apply (NHS Trust or CCG) funded in the Health Education North West (HENW) region

If you are employed by NHS Trust or CCG within North West England, you may be eligible for funding from Health Education North West (HENW) through CPD-Apply. Further details about this scheme are given below, but please contact your Trust or CCG Training Officer/CPD Lead before submitting a funding application, as budgets are limited and are allocated by HENW for the financial year (April – March) as opposed to the academic year (August - July).

If you are employed within the Health Education North West (HENW) region but outwith Trust or CCG (e.g. Care Home) you may be eligible for HENW funding. Please contact the non-NHS HENW representative to make enquiries, email:

In February/March each year, North West Universities running CPD courses for Health Professionals are invited to upload their module lists to CPD-Apply for the forthcoming financial year. At this point, you can submit funding applications to your Trust or CCG on a module-by-module basis.

On submission of your funding request, an email will go to your Line Manager (with the exception of NWAS) who must respond to the email before the request goes forward to the CPD-Apply Lead within your Trust or CCG, who will approve funding if this is available. Only when funding is approved on CPD-Apply does your application come through as an alert to the University. When the University approves your application on CPD-Apply, money transfers to the University in payment for your module.

If funding is not approved through CPD-Apply by your Trust or CCG, the University does not receive any payment for your module, and the Invoicing Team will raise an invoice to you.

Given the above, it is important for you to check the following:

  • your internal funding application procedures,
  • that CPD-Apply funding is available to you,
  • that your funding application is approved on the CPD-Apply system prior to the start date of your course and start date of each subsequent module (if you are seeking funding for more than one module).
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