If you’re starting or returning to university you deserve to feel excited for what’s ahead, and at the same time you might have a few questions and queries about university life.  Concerns are normal but we don’t want them to get in the way of you enjoying your start to university.  We want to make sure you feel you’re getting the most out of your time with us, even before you get here.  We’ve designed our online Head Start package to help you get familiar with university life and study before you step on to campus.

Head Start is a completely free, flexible online course that gets you up to speed with all things related to your life here at UoC. Maybe you’re concerned about referencing? Head Start’s Your Referencing module will help build your confidence ready for your first assignment. Do you feel like you’re not sure what to expect at university? Head Start’s Your Hopes & Fears section is designed to explore some common concerns and offer important reassurances. From welcoming you to higher education, research and academic skills to introducing you to digital skills you’ll need for study, Head Start has something for everyone no matter your course, level or ability.

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Previous students found that Head Start helped them feel both more prepared to start university and more confident as a learner. 

96% of 2018 Head Starters recommended this course, and here’s why:

“Calmed a few pre-jitters and gave an insight into what to expect when starting university.”

“It’s great that you can revisit this course again to jog memory.”

“Definitely helps you get into the mind-set of being a HE student and helps to allay any fears also.”

“The course was very helpful and more interesting than I thought it would be!”

Head Start is designed to give you an advantage when you begin your studies, providing clearer expectations and practical help which will help guide you through your induction and your first assignment. 


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Head Start is on the online platform, Blackboard Open Education. All you need to do is create an account on this site and you’ll have full access to all the Head Start course modules:

1. Your Journey- Welcome to higher education

2. Your Hopes & Fears - Reassurances for how you might feel about starting Uni

3. Your Learning - Understand ways of learning that might help you

4. Your Research Skills - Finding and evaluating quality information for assignments

5. Your Writing - Writing for higher education

6. Your Referencing - Crediting original authors for the evidence you cite

7. Your Digital Skills- Introduction to the basics of working with computers at university


Go directly to Head Start to University (you will need to register) or visit our Head Start informational page for details of Head Start to University and its sister courses, Head Start Plus and Preparing for Postgraduate Study.

Any questions? Get in touch with us at head.start@cumbria.ac.uk

Take all the worries out of starting university and get uni-ready with Head Start; we’ll #SeeYouThere.


Get Ahead

As well as preparing yourself with our Head Start online course, you can build your confidence and awareness of what to expect at university by attending one of our on-campus Get Ahead events. These are designed to introduce you to UoC and give you the opportunity to ask all those questions you and everyone else has before starting their studies. Are you feeling excited but a little anxious about how you are going to juggle everything? Would you find it helpful to talk through practicalities such as managing your money, car sharing, finding part-time work? Do you

want to find out how you can borrow the books you’ll need for your first assignment? Maybe you’re eager to know how your first semester with us will play out? Get Ahead offers a chance to clarify your expectations and get that important information in a face-to-face setting. Meet other students ahead of your course starting and take advantage of having an exclusive introduction to UoC’s academic tutors and support staff. These events run at both our Lancaster and Carlisle Fusehill Street campuses and are completely free. Don’t miss this opportunity to Get Ahead and get ready for your exciting new chapter at UoC!

To register for one of the Get Ahead events click here for Lancaster and here for Fusehill Street.

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