How to Write a Personal Statement For University & Give a Great Interview

A personal statement forms part of your university application. It is your chance to tell a university who you are, why you’re interested in your chosen subject, and what your hopes are for the future. You’re passionate about what you want to study, right? So this is your opportunity to show that and explain how your existing experiences and interests demonstrate this passion.

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What does a university personal statement look like

Quite simply, your personal statement should be about you!

You’re telling admissions staff why you’re suitable for your chosen course at their university, and so you should include any skills, hobbies, interests or experiences you think are relevant to your application.

Typically, it is split into about five paragraphs:

  • What interests you about the subject? Why have you chosen it?
  • What experience do you have of the subject that isn’t already on your UCAS applications? For example, work experience, placements and relevant activities at school.
  • Your interests outside school/college, particularly those that show you are a reliable and responsible person.
  • Your goal of attending university, what your hopes are for the future, and a memorable closing moment.


Top tips for your university personal statement

  • Check course descriptions to help decide what qualities and skills universities are looking for, so you can relate your own experiences to these.
  • Read some examples online for inspiration on structuring your statement.
  • Tell us why you’re applying; what are your ambitions? Why are you interested in the course? Where did this interest begin for you?
  • What experience do you have – from work experience and volunteering to hobbies outside of school/college and clubs or societies that you’re a part of?
  • Keep it positive and enthusiastic, but avoid jokes and quotes – your statement should be passionate, not cheesy!
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How to give a great university application interview

Each course has their own requirements – make sure you do your research on your application process.

Here’s Sharon from our Admissions team (who’s been interviewing our new students for more than 10 years) with her top tips on giving a great interview.