It is never too late to start training in Dance.

It is never too late to start training in Dance.

I only began training in dance when I first went to University. As a teenager, I spent weekends out dancing in clubs and was also impressed with the choreography that was beginning to appear in music videos and tours at the time by performers like Janet and Michael Jackson, Prince, and Paula Abdul and wanted to do this myself. I was going to study maths at University but my sister said why not give dance a go, so I auditioned for one University, got in, and was introduced to contemporary dance which made me realise how varied dance can be.

My career has allowed me to work with many brilliant artists in many places nationally and internationally as a dancer/performer/choreographer and educator and it is really difficult to choose one particular ‘best’ moment. If I had to pick one I would have to say that performing as part of a touring show in New York for 2 weeks was definitely a bucket list moment. 

Working as a freelance artist is often challenging as you are always looking for the next employment opportunity. To deal with this it was really important that I built a strong group of collaborators and other artists, was willing to take a variety of different opportunities, and was willing to always keep training and learning. It was also really useful to have another skill to fall back on in the gaps between professional projects.

My advice to students thinking about a career in dance would be “Keep going, it’s gonna be a blast”!

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