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Our Institute of Health is a community of expert lecturers who have years of experience working within health, social care and sport. Our lecturers share their expert knowledge with our students and some take an active role in producing leading research alongside teaching. This blog will provide a profile of one of our lecturers each month to show their role within our Institute of Health.

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October: Dr Tracy Hayes, Working with Children and Families

Tracy Hayes, WCF Lecturer

I currently teach on two programmes, BA (Hons) Working with Children and Families (WCF) and MA in Working with Children, Adolescents and Families. These programmes offer a strong, interdisciplinary foundation for people interested in working in their communities, and we look for opportunities to enrich the learning experience with educational visits and supported volunteering opportunities. This has included supporting students to volunteer with the National Trust at their National Children’s Book Festival two years running; and supported volunteering with families visiting loved ones in prison.

I enjoy supervising research studies, from introductory to doctoral level. My own research focuses on nature and outdoor learning, and draws on my background as an environmental youth and community development worker. My external roles include being Conference Officer for the Geographies of Children, Youth and Families Research Group (GCYFRG), which is one of the research groups supported by the Royal Geographical Society (RGS), and acting as a convener for the Nature, Outdoor Learning and Play (Nolap) special interest group on behalf of the British Educational Research Association (BERA). My most recent work has focused on contributing to discussions about how we can provide a curriculum for wellbeing, which provides effective ways of addressing concerns about both the health and wellbeing of people and that of the environment.  

Later this year, I’m facilitating a themed series of events, hosted jointly by Centre for Research in Health and Society (CRiHS) and Learning, Education and Development (LED), with a focus on story - not the traditional action-packed, heroic tales, but the smaller stories from our lives, that enable us to better understand ourselves, our communities, and the worlds in which we live.


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