Nursing at Cumbria University

At the university of Cumbria, our three year Pre-registration Nursing Programme offers student nurses the opportunity to learn from all four fields of nursing; Adult, Child, Mental Health and Learning Disability.

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Nursing is a profession, which insists on excellence in care and demands this from those involved in the science that is caring.

Nursing, as a profession, outlays the path for those who have the skills and good character to apply themselves to a career in caring for others. Nursing care requires individuals who are adaptable, dynamic and can apply themselves to various situations and challenges, which will draw on problem solving capabilities with the aim of providing rewarding outcomes.

It is a fulfilling and unique career that offers vast opportunities for growth and development in various specialisms, across the four fields of Nursing.

At the university of Cumbria, our three year Pre-registration Nursing Programme offers student nurses the opportunity to learn from all four fields of nursing; Adult, Child, Mental Health and Learning Disability. We encourage our students to be all encompassing and to qualify with the knowledge, understanding and experience of working with complex and varied needs, reflected in the NMC standards of Education for Pre registration Nursing. Our programme is designed to allow individuals to build on their skills and capabilities in a way that is paced and aimed at growth and development as they reach the point of obtaining a BSc Hons degree in Science of Nursing and qualifying as a nurse in their chosen field.

The course aims to achieve learning for all learner types, sometimes sessions will be lecture theatre based. Often individuals can expect to be learning in their own field, in a classroom-based setting and in simulated environments, as well as inter-professional learning and studying alongside other professionals for some modules across the three years.

At the University of Cumbria, student nurses can expect to have two placements a year, which are pre-planned by our Placement learning Unit Team. Once into year two, there is opportunity for students to source their own placement for two weeks, offering the opportunity to visit nursing in another field, specialism or country. In as much as we teach our nurses to be academic and enable individuals to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through varied assessment types, such as presentations, posters and essays; practice placement offers student nurses the ability to shine through putting theory into practice and achieving competency in skills and domains stipulating the themes of communication, professional values, decision making and leadership.

At the university of Cumbria, student nurses can expect high quality teaching from registered nurse educators, most of who remain in practice and are actively involved in nursing research.

Lecturers teach across nursing fields and so Child and Adult nurses can expect expertise from Mental Health and Learning Disability fields. Nursing Lecturers aim to prepare you for your career in nursing from achieving on the programme and beyond. Our student nurses have gone on to become health visitors, school nurses, lecturers, nurse researchers, specialist safeguarding nurses, surgical nurses, mental health nurses specialising in Children and Young People, forensics or dementia care, team leaders and

managers in various specialist roles, across settings. Nursing opens the door to working aboard, travel and advances in leadership and management roles, there is no telling where your career may take you.

Nursing lecturers pride themselves on ensuring individuals with a passion and drive to provide quality nursing care can shine as much as possible, with a handful of our student nurses travelling to London to receive awards or nominations from the Nursing Times or RCN, having made a difference in practice or university. Student nurses are also offered opportunities to host events and our lecturers love nothing more than helping to facilitate and empower individuals to strive to reach their goals or put their ideas into action.

At UOC, you will also have a nominated personal tutor, who is there to access for pastoral, academic and practice support throughout your time with us.

By the end of the Nursing Programme and on successful completion of competence, student nurses will join the Nursing and Midwifery Council as a registered nurse working in their particular field and will have obtained a Bachelor of Science Honours degree.

Your nursing career will be an individual journey, and will not be the same as anyone else’s. In joining us at the University of Cumbria, you will be provided with the means and support in building a successful career in your chosen field and with a 97% employability rate, most of our student nurses are satisfied with their job roles on qualifying at the end of three years, having obtained a role in their chosen areas. A handful of whom, return as part of our alumni to share experiences with new student nurses year upon year.

What are you waiting for, your journey awaits.