Case studies

Check out our apprentice case studies for an insight into what it's like to study a higher or degree level apprenticeship here at the University of Cumbria.

Degree Apprenticeships are an excellent opportunity for students to apply their knowledge and become an important part of the business. My business is most definitely a more professional environment and running more efficiently.

Debbie Binks, Waterside Farm Campsite

Waterside Farm Case Study

Degree Apprenticeships are a great way for students to learn by putting the theory into practice in a live working environment

Tim Holliday, Director, CCL Solutions

CCL Solutions Ltd Case Study

It's great to see it's focused on work-based learning, not just academic. The programme relates to business today and in particular to your own business.

Jackie Lancaster, Langdale Leisure Limited

Langdale Leisure Case Study

I have been able to develop academically and professionally. The degree apprenticeship was the best decision I have made.

Kiara Orchard, Project Manager Apprentice, Sellafield

Kiara Orchard Project Management Case Study

The programme has helped me prioritise the important elements of project management and explore the different typesof application of project management. It is an opportunity to learn whilst on the job and get the experience to support my understanding of project management. The programme suited my learning style more than a conventional degree and I think it is a more natural way to learn and ingest the teaching that we get at University.

Zoe Brennan (Sellafield Ltd), Project Management Degree Apprenticeship

Zoe Brennan Project Management Case Study

I would definitely recommend the project management apprenticeship to anyone considering a career in project management, and there are lots of other options available for people who may be more experienced and considering a career change. The Project Academy has something available for everyone – the course offerings let you work outside your comfort zone and learn new skills.

Flo Hanlon, Project Manager Degree Apprenticeship

Flo Hanlon Project Management Case Study

I have learnt so much over the last year, but knowing the theory behind what I do has helped. Even if that can make me feel conflict between ethics, morals and my own feelings, I know the care that I provide in practice and the work I do at university all come together.

Michelle, Hillcroft Nursing Home, Assistant Practitioner in Health & Social Care Apprenticeship

Hillcroft Case Study

My group is very supportive and encouraging and there’s a real sense of ‘we’re all in it together’. We all work full time, we all have home lives, and we’re all new to studying at this level at this age. Our tutor, Margaret, is fantastic. She’s extremely supportive and patient with us and understands how we feel about studying later in life, with busy careers and lives and she encourages and reassures us.

Lisa Crankshaw, Higher Level Apprenticeship (Level 5) in Leadership and Management

It’s really interesting and I have found that the course helps my work practice. The subject areas covered relate directly to my role in middle management and the ideas and concepts readily relate to the work place and also have a practical element.

David Ellison, Higher Level Apprenticeship (Level 5) in Leadership and Management

As a manager with responsibilities across the university, the course is aligned to all elements of my role as a manager/leader and helps develop and improve my skills and understanding. We have an opportunity to learn new skills such as strategic planning; this isn’t something we are required to do in great detail as middle managers, but by learning, it gives me confidence that I have more to offer my employer.

Adrienne Waldie, Higher Level Apprenticeship (Level 5) in Leadership and Management

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