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Meet our Apprentice

Zoe Brennan, an apprentice at Sellafield, spoke to us about her experience on the Project Management Degree Apprenticeship

Name: Zoe Brennan

Employer: Sellafield Ltd

    Zoe Brennan , Zoe Brennan (Project Mgt apprentice student (2019-2023)

"The programme has helped me prioritise the important elements of project management and explore the different types of application of project management."


Project Manager Degree Apprenticeship

What was your career background prior to starting your Degree Apprenticeship?
Before I started my apprenticeship in project management, I had worked in hospitality for 13 years. It was all I knew, and I hadn’t really considered much else in terms of a career path. I was the head chef and manager of a small local Italian restaurant. I really enjoyed the fundamentals of the job and the environment.
After having a baby, I really wanted to look at focusing on something for myself and I was looking at higher education and University, but needed an opportunity that would allow me to ‘earn while I learn.’ At the time, I hadn’t considered the skills that I had learned in my hospitality career as transferable to anywhere else, until I went to a Sellafield apprenticeship open day.
The open day allowed me to engage with like-minded people, and I found myself drawn to the project management degree apprenticeship.
Having the fundamental behaviours and work ethic expected of a project manager gave me the confidence and drive to apply for the degree apprenticeship. But most importantly, knowing the power of my experience in hospitality and having confidence in myself was key to being a successful candidate.

What was it about the Project Manager Degree Apprenticeship that interested you?
The opportunity to learn whilst on the job and get the experience to support my understanding of project management. The programme suited my learning style more than a conventional degree and I think it is a more natural way to learn and ingest the teaching that we get at University.

How has the course benefitted you?
It has helped me to prioritise the important elements of project management and to explore the different types of application of project management. It has also given me more confidence, self-belief, and a passion to do well.

What is the most important thing you have learned?
Time Management and the confidence to pro-actively learn.

What would you say to anyone considering starting an Apprenticeship?
To go for it and work hard – you get out what you put in!


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