Chartered Manager (Management and Leadership)

Key information

Award BA (Hons) Management and Leadership
Accreditation  Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
Duration 3 years full-time. 7 years maximum

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Our programme provides leaders with on-the-job learning at a degree level standard. Those with the responsibility for teams, projects, operations or services will have the opportunity to learn the hottest trends in management.

All tuition fees can be funded through the Apprenticeship Levy

* subject to terms and conditions

Modules of Study

*Subject to chosen modules

How does the programme work?

Flexibility is at the heart of our programme as we understand the demands of a busy work life. The majority of learning takes place on-the-job with opportunities to be taught by our passionate academic team on campus.

Apprenticeships modules are credit bearing. You will be allocated a set of core modules and have the option to choose the remaining modules based on where you or your business would like to develop, or where your personal strengths lie.

Ruth Hawkin of Evolto Ltd discusses her experience of the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship