Chartered Manager (Visitor Economy)

Key information

Award BA (Hons) Applied Management
Duration Typically 36 months
Location Ambleside
Anticipated start September 2020, January 2021

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Our programme provides leaders in the visitor economy with on-the-job learning at a degree level standard. Those with the responsibility for teams, projects, operations or services will have the opportunity to learn the hottest trends in management.

Apprenticeships are funded by the Apprenticeship Levy. Non-levy-paying employers can access support for 95% of the cost.*

* subject to terms and conditions

Modules of Study

How does the programme work?

Flexibility is at the heart of our programme as we understand the demands of a busy work life. The course is delivered by blended learning, with 27 days on campus and the balance evidenced through on-the-job learning.

How will this work for me and my business?

To illustrate how this degree apprenticeship could work for your business, we have created two scenarios (the names of the businesses and individuals are fictitious).

Man, woman & chef in a professional kitchen

Fine Dining by the Lake

Fine Dining by the Lake is a family owned restaurant, café and deli, operating with a small team of 16 full and part-time staff. They have successfully grown and managed the business for 10 years, but the owners now want to step back a little from the daily operations. The current team are all fairly competent but the owners are concerned that they may not have the right management skills to take the business forward.

Alice is completing her A levels and works weekends; she is interested in the business, hardworking and has an eye for detail. She has been applying to go to University, but she is not sure she wants to take on the debt or to leave home. The owners think she could make a great future manager and after a conversation with the Apprenticeships Team at the University of Cumbria and a chat with Alice, they offer her a trainee manager’s role linked to the Chartered Manger Degree Apprenticeship.

On passing her A levels Alice has the UCAS points needed to step onto the course, allowing her to study by day-release whilst working full-time in the business.

Alice is able to develop her management skills by combining University-level learning, with on-the-job experience, tackling different challenges across the restaurant, café and deli functions of the business. She completes her programme with a range of skills and competences that ensure she has the grounding to be a manager in the business, but also obtains a recognised degree in Business and Leadership at no cost to her and the option to be a member of a professional body in management. Alice now has a degree without any student debt and has been earning full time for three years whilst she trained.

As Alice was aged 18 when she started the programme, it has cost Fine Dining by the Lake no fee, and they have received £1,000 from the Government, which the owners used to provide Alice with a laptop, and to fund a travel pass for her to get the bus to work and University.

On completion of her course Alice becomes the Operations Manager of the Retail Deli and Coffee Shop, bringing new ideas and sound business knowledge to the company. The owners can now take a step back from the daily operations, knowing they have someone trained, locally based and committed to their success.

Young man with a tablet in a posh drawing room

Three Valley Boutique Hotel Group

As a long-established privately-owned, small chain of hotels, Three Valley Boutique Hotel Group is a levy payer and an established supporter of apprenticeships, using the levy and local colleges to train their kitchen staff. Over recent years, their turnover of managers has increased, and along with competitors, they have been working hard to improve working practices, terms, and conditions.

The hotel group has a small number of up and coming managers who understand hospitality, but need enhanced business skills.

After discussion with the Apprenticeships Team at the University of Cumbria, the owners of the group realise that, having already committed their apprenticeship levy funds, they can still "co-invest," paying 5% of the fee and drawing down 95% government funding, making it possible to sponsor an employee through the Chartered Manager programme for just £1,100 for the three years of the degree.

Working with the University of Cumbria, Three Valley Boutique Hotel Group invites expressions of interest internally, and they shortlist two employees who are invited to apply for the programme. Whilst both have different prior learning, both are deemed eligible.

Both Oliver and Jason graduate with a degree in Business and Leadership gaining higher level skills in business operations, finance, project management and strategic marketing, with assignments and projects related to their operational areas, but benefiting from rotating through the various hotel departments developing a deeper understanding of the hotel group and the interrelationships of the different business functions. The hotel group has benefited from university level business training for their aspiring managers, and have been able to retain and progress two individuals with a total financial commitment of just £2,200 for the three-year training period.

Further information

How to apply

To apply for the apprenticeship, the employer and the individual must submit a joint application form. Please contact us at for the application form and further guidance.

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Entry Requirements

Government funding rules require that an apprentice must have the right to live and work in the UK, must be in employment, paid at least the legal minimum wage and have a written and signed agreement for the apprenticeship with their employer. The minimum duration periods for an apprenticeship set in each Apprenticeship Standard, is based on an apprentice working a minimum of 30 hours per week.

Applicants will need to have Level 2 English and Maths to start the course. If your qualifications are not through a traditional route or you have overseas qualification please check with the apprenticeship team about eligibility.

Funding for the apprenticeship is provided through the Employment and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and is paid in the following way:

  • Levy paying employers with sufficient funds in their digital account – 100% funding
  • Non Levy payers – 95% ESFA funding, 5% Employer co-funding. 

Individual apprenticeships may have specific entry requirements (qualifications and/or experience): please contact us for more details.

Where will the training be delivered?

The training will be delivered through a mix of on campus events and workplace learning, which may take place on the business premises where you are based. Your employer will be asked to provide training to enable you to perform your work duties.

Teaching and assessment

The apprentice will be taught through blended learning, including a mixture of face-to-face lectures and discussions, online exercises using the university’s virtual learning environment, live online seminars and individual work. The mode of delivery will be agreed between the apprentice and their employer, and will be subject to programme viability. 

Assessment methods will be agreed between the university and your employer, and are likely to include an appropriate mix of:

  • assignments
  • reports
  • practical exercises
  • projects
  • 360-degree feedback or equivalent mechanisms
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If you have any questions about our apprenticeship programme, get in touch.

Phone (Employers): 01228 888 740
Phone (Apprentices): 0808 178 7373

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