Higher Apprenticeship in Management and Leadership



This apprenticeship is ideal for middle managers new in role or those managers who require additional new knowledge and skills to meet the demands of their current role. 

Managers will have responsibility for a wide span of control and accountability for performance, in particular those with responsibility for determining resource allocation and operational methods in their department or organisation focusing on developing and implementing operational plans, working productively, providing leadership and direction, and planning change.

Programme details

What does the apprenticeship cover?

ILM Level 5 Diploma in Principles of Leadership and Management

  • Understanding the Management Role to Improve Management Performance
  • Managing Improvement
  • Making a Financial Case
  • Developing Critical Thinking
  • Leading Innovation and Change
  • Managing Projects in the Organisation
  • Knowledge and Information Management
  • Developing People in the Workplace
  • Understanding the Importance of Marketing for an Organisation

ILM Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management and Leadership

  • Designing Business Processes
  • Manage Customer Service Operations
  • Contribute to the Development of a Strategic Plan
  • Provide Leadership and Management
  • Manage Strategic Change
  • Manage a Project
  • Lead the Development of a Knowledge Management Strategy
  • Promote Equality of Opportunity
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Manage Strategic Marketing Activities

How will the apprentice be taught?

The face to face teaching commitment will be 2 days per month, with 2 days per month set aside for online work and workplace activity.

The expected duration of the apprenticeship is 18-month, with the starting point being the induction day. This apprenticeship is taught in a blended delivery approach of face to face teaching, work based learning and self-directed study. Workbooks will be provided for the work based learning element of the apprenticeship. Students will be provided with a student handbook.

How will the apprenticeship be assessed?

The learning outcomes may be assessed using methods such as observation of real work activities, inspection of work products and witness accounts. Each unit will be assessed and judged to be competent or referred for additional work and/or evidence by your assessor. A number of units will also undergo a verification process. Both qualifications and all units must be passed to gain the full apprenticeship .

Multiple forms, (they will not all be being utilised) which could include a selection of the following:

  • case studies/critical incident reviews
  • examination of personal statement/examination of product
  • examination of witness testimonies
  • examination of written answer to questions
  • observation of learner, direct or indirect (i.e. recorded)
  • oral questioning of learner/oral presentations
  • professional discussion
  • projects
  • reflective logs or diaries/reflective reviews
  • management reports
  • structured answer questions
  • work-based assignments 

Progression from the Level 5 Higher Apprenticeship in Management and Leadership

Higher apprentices, with support and opportunities in the workplace, can progress onto a range of management and other professional qualifications at level 6 and above, including:

  • Degree Apprenticeship (i.e. Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship)
  • Degrees or Masters in Management & Leadership, Business and Business Management. 
  • Further employment opportunities within their current job role/alternative job roles. 

What are the entry requirements?

Candidates will need to gather evidence of their performance in order to be assessed against the competence based learning outcomes in the qualification. Therefore, it is realistic to expect that candidates will be in a new job role, or it is an existing job role, where the individual needs significant new knowledge and skills development in middle management.

Candidates seeking to undertake this apprenticeship must be able to demonstrate ability equivalent to or exceeding Level 2 in English and mathematics. This requirement may be met through the achievement of Level 2 functional skills, equivalent GCSEs, O Levels, A Levels or AS Levels, or an initial assessment which demonstrates the required ability.

Candidates will come from a diverse range of backgrounds and will have a range of experience, age, personal achievements and, in some cases, prior qualifications and awards which may count towards achievement of an apprenticeship. Examples include learners who have: achieved QCF Awards, Certificates or Diplomas, achieved a (14 - 19) Foundation or Higher Diploma, each of which have underpinning management and leadership themes, achieved GCSEs or A Levels, completed an advanced apprenticeship.

How to Apply

To request an application form, please email enquirycentre@cumbria.ac.uk.


If you are an employer, and have any further questions about the scheme, please contact Ewan Pullan.

Ewan Pullan, Employer Engagement Manager
Phone: 01228 888 733
Mobile: 07801 340 433
Email: ewan.pullan@cumbria.ac.uk