Health and Society Knowledge Exchange

Established research and evaluation unit, which will deliver a range of evaluation and knowledge exchange activities.

HASKE Events 

Our researchers have extensive professional experience

The senior team leading HASKE has experience of working with NHS trusts, local authorities, governmental departments, European funders, community groups and third sector organisations.

A range of bespoke accredited training modules

HASKE has also developed a range of bespoke accredited training modules, which focus on the conceptual and practical skills necessary for those wishing to undertake robust, ethical and meaningful evaluations of their own. HASKE can also run a number of short, non-accredited courses around embedding evaluation culture within organisations.

The HASKE team also offers:


  • Advice
  • Consultancy
  • Evaluability Assessment
  • Dissemination
  • Facilitation


To discuss any evaluation needs, or to find out more about the HASKE services and training, contact:

Evaluability Assessments

HASKE can also work with an organisation to deliver Evaluability Assessments (EA) which is conducted prior to an evaluation. An EA usually takes the form of an overarching investigation of an intervention/programme to identify whether it can meet its intended outcomes. In conducting an EA the HASKE team would set out the logic of a programme, which would include the identification of objectives and activities, and assess the likelihood of the programme’s success. The process could also recommend changes to the programme in order to improve the likelihood of a successful outcome. If your organisation is considering whether to commission an evaluation, it can be useful at the outset, to consider why you wish to commission this piece of work. It could be:

  • To meet a funder requirement
  • Provide evidence to support future funding applications
  • To understand how an intervention has benefitted a client population
  • To learn lessons
  • To identify best practice
Understanding this will help your organisation articulate your needs to the HASKE team.

Relevant Evaluations

An evaluation is not the same as an audit and it is not focussed upon what an organisation, or project, might be doing wrong, in fact, it could be about organisational, or project, strengths and successes. It could also be concerned with identifying best practice and lessons learned from activities in order to promote these and roll them out further. Some organisations wish to evaluate to improve or extend their service, some may be required to evaluate by a funding body.

Evaluations are often used to examine programmes or interventions in order to determine whether they have met their objectives.

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