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Advice and information for Businesses during coronavirus

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Like all universities across the sector our key priorities are the health and well-being of our learners, staff and our community; supporting our learners to continue and complete their studies and maintaining our role and impact across our region and further afield.

The University of Cumbria is still open for business to support you through these challenging times. Covid-19 has changed the business and learning environment for us all, but rest assured the University is here to continue to support our business partners and networks in Cumbria, Lancashire and throughout the country.

When we can, we are are offering a blended learning approach to university education, combining online lectures, seminars, continuing professional development (CPD) courses, workshops and public lectures with carefully monitored face to face and campus-based activity. During National and local lockdowns, we move to online learning.
We are also actively demonstrating our role as an anchor institution through leading and engaging in a number of activities to support business and individual resilience, supporting North West and Cumbria business and industry with their business continuity and recovery in the current context.

We continue to monitor the evolving Covid-19 situation closely, working with official bodies and statutory agencies and responding to government advice accordingly.
If you have any comments or questions regarding how we may be able to support you, or any other business-related enquiries please contact:


If you have any comments or questions regarding how we may be able to support you, or any other business related enquiries please email


For more information please visit:

Cumbria LEP

Lancashire LEP




Can I or my employees still study?

Yes, of course, we have a range of programmes from one-day CPD courses to Undergraduate and Post Graduate degree programmes to Degree Apprenticeships. We do appreciate not everyone wants to or is in a position to study at this time. If you are unsure and some guidance, please contact us.

How are degree apprenticeships effected?

Our Degree apprenticeships have not been effected; we are still delivering our full portfolio however, we have moved from face to face delivery to live, synchronous online delivery.

How are you delivering our programmes throughout Covid?

We still aim to give all our learners the best possible experience. Our apprenticeship and CPD programmes are delivered fully online. Online learning at the University of Cumbria is an interactive experience that makes use of a range of technologies and media types to provide a rich learning environment.

Will I be disadvantaged if I study now? Is it the right time?

Not at all. Studying is a commitment and it has to be right for you in terms of timing and the programme you chose. If you are unsure please contact us and we can advise on your best options.

How are health CPD and apprenticeships running?

Health and CPD and apprenticeship programmes are also delivered online.

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