ECO I North West: Financing the Transition to Zero Carbon

In this session you’ll explore financing the transition to zero carbon investment and the support available.

09 Feb 2022 - 02 Mar 2022

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Event Overview

In this session, you’ll explore financing the transition to zero-carbon investment and the support available. The aim of this workshop is to identify cost efficiencies on your zero-emissions journey, plus the practical and achievable steps you can take to get there.

The ECO I NW team can also offer support with carbon audits for your business.

Pre-session launch: Wednesday 9th February, 4 - 5pm

Main event: Wednesday 23rd February, 9 - 1pm

Post-event session: Wednesday 2nd March, 4 - 5pm

You will explore the reality of transitioning to zero carbon and the practical steps you can take to ensure your business isn’t in the red by trying to go green.

  • Explore the benefits of energy efficiency and how it can enhance your business
  • Map out your business and where efficiencies can be made - highlight the implications on cost
  • Better understand the current financing options including loans, asset-based financing and leasing
  • Align appropriate options to your own business
  • Hear from other Cumbrian SMEs about their transition to zero carbon

Explore your company to help work out where you can achieve the greatest savings and have a clear idea of what options are available and how to access support.

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