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Eco I North West: Networking Forum: Hospitality, Food and Drink

In this facilitated networking session, you will discuss and share ideas about low carbon interventions, leveraging learnings from real industry experiences for mutual benefit.

26 May 2022 - 26 May 2022

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Networking Forum: Hospitality, Food and Drink

Event Overview

This session will help you to define what your low carbon future looks like and why it is important to your business. Furthermore, workshop content will be practical and relevant to the hospitality, food and drink sector to ensure that you plan changes that you can implement with confidence, knowing they are tailored to support your sustainable innovation goals.

Topics Covered

You will explore a low carbon future for SMEs in Cumbria, and specifically define why this matters to you and your business.

Together we will:

  • Answer the ‘what’s next’ question for each SME and create an action plan
  • Find practical, fit for purpose next steps to equip you with real actions and an understanding of the tangible benefits
  • Boost your confidence to ensure each SME can each take steps to become more sustainable without a long-term negative impact on financials
  • Gain an understanding of the changes you can make to support your sustainable innovation goals
  • Grow knowledge of where to go to for help and advice
  • Consolidate advice and materials from previous sessions to aid progression and deepen understanding

This Session is:

  • Practical, relevant and supportive
  • A chance to understand what it is to be an SME in Cumbria
  • Collaborative and engaging
  • Confidence-building and empowering
  • Creative, agile and insightful
  • Full of knowledge, hints and tips to make sustainability work for your SME
  • The place to bring your issues and problems - and find answers
  • All about network and collaboration
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