Lightning Talks: How to Write an Academic Book and Stay Sane

Hosted by the LED Research Centre and Mark Charter.

15 Sep 2021 - 15 Sep 2021


Event Overview

This session will be presented by Mark Chater, Professor of Practice, University of Cumbria.

Writing an academic book is such a huge task it can be overwhelming. There is so much being written, how can you begin, how can you get yourself known? How can you find the time to carry out research? What don’t you know and how can you find out? How do you know if it is any good or important? How do you know whether someone else has already said it? It might be relevant to you and your practice, but is it relevant to anyone else? How can you make time for it without it taking over your whole life?

This lightning seminar will explore the above questions, which are very common, and suggest ways to deal with, address or work through them. Writing can be both an ordeal and a joy. By learning from each other’s experiences we can minimise the former and maximise the latter.

Mark Chater has written or edited eight books and numerous articles and blogs. As for his sanity, well, come and find out for yourself.

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