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How to get funding for a business?

Our public lecture will provide an introduction into Business Funding.

21 Jun 2023 - 21 Jun 2023

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Event Overview

Our public lecture will provide an introduction into Business Funding.  

There has never been a better time to start a business when you consider the sources of finance available. Having a idea for s start-up is great—but now what?  

You probably need a website, a team, some office space, and, of course, at least enough cash coming in each month to pay your rent. Which means, you need money. With rare exceptions, money is crucial to get a business up and running. Business expansion also requires capital. While a bank loan might be the most obvious, there are loads of other ways you can fund your business. In this session you will learn about external funding sources for your business such as business grants and crowdfunding. 

No prior knowledge of business funding is necessary for this session.

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