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Get into Social Work

Social Work is an ever growing specialism, with a massive range of new roles emerging every year. Begin your route to a career in Social Work with the University of Cumbria.

13 Oct 2021 - 13 Oct 2021

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Event Overview

Social Workers are in demand across such a variety of locations and schemes at the moment, with the projected need for more than 500,000 roles to be filled in the next 15 years*. 

Join our team in this free virtual event to explore how you can become a qualified Social Work professional. We will take the time to answer many of your questions and queries including:

  • What is special about a role in Social Work?
  • What qualifications do you need to become a qualified professional?
  • What are the various qualification and study routes?
  • What is included on a Social Work degree?
  • Wat can you do next to begin your journey?

This session will last around 45 minutes, with plenty of time for audience questions.


*Report: 580,000 more social workers needed by 2035 (https://www.localgov.co.uk/Report-580000-more-social-workers-needed-by-2035/47932)

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