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Get into Sports Rehabilitation

With the increase in understanding of exercise's benefits to our physical and mental health, sports rehabilitators and therapists are sure to be in demand over the coming years.

06 Jul 2022 - 06 Jul 2022

A sports rehabilitator consults with a patient at the local gym complex.

Event Overview


Sports Rehabilitation is a fast growing industry, with both the increase in professional sports nationally and worldwide, but also the uptake of sports as a means to improve peoples' own mental and physical health.

With Sports Rehabilitators now required to be degree trained healthcare professionals, the journey towards qualification starts at university. Join us to explore and answer some of the commonly asked questions about the career, such as:

  • What's the difference between a coach and a rehabilitator?

  • How much can Sport Rehabilitators earn?

  • Where can they work?

  • How can I become qualified?

  • What else will I learn in my degree?

This session will last around 30 minutes, with plenty of time for audience questions.

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