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Get into Working with Children and Families

There are tonnes of careers out there that involve working with children, young people and families. Join us to explore the range of careers, and study options to expand your knowledge and understanding.

27 Oct 2021 - 27 Oct 2021

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Event Overview

The Children's Workforce and accompanying roles across the education, health and judicial sectors are ever increasing, but where to start? Many professionals choose to study and expand their knowledge in order to best support those they work with. 

Join our team in this free virtual event to explore the variety of options out there for studying programmes, furthering your knowledge of specialist topics, such as social care laws and regulations, or children and young peoples' health and wellbeing.

We will take the time to answer many of your questions and queries including:

  • Which services require professionals or highly skilled workers?
  • Explore the variety of degrees you can choose from and where they can take you
  • Discover what to think about when deciding on a course
  • Take a look at the success stories of some of our graduates.

This session will last around 45 minutes, with plenty of time for audience questions.

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