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Professional Health Placements - What to Know

Health placements are a key element of professional health programmes at university, and there's a few things you should know before choosing where to study.

07 Jul 2022 - 07 Jul 2022

Two x-ray images are visible on a screen, showing a pelvis and lower spine.

Event Overview


University students on professional Health programmes can spend up to 50% of their time out on placement so it's important to do some research about where you might be placed before beginning your course.


In this short session we'll explore a few major elements of professional placements, some aspects that are standard across all courses, and some which vary depending on where and what you are studying.

This session will last around 30 minutes, with plenty of time for audience questions.

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Midwifery student practising their resuscitation skills in the clinical skills laboratory at Fusehill Street campus, Carlisle.

Event Information

Please note that the majority of information in this session will be focused around Home/UK students, and may not be as comprehensive for international students. For more support for international students click below.

International Students