Hannah Outhwaite - Green Wall - MA Show 2020 - MA Creative Practice

Hannah Outhwaite

Designer - Green Wall Biophilic Design

Hannah Outhwaite MA Show 2020 Student Profile, A student portrait of Hannah Outhwaite.

My Exhibition Piece

I am exhibiting a Green Wall. The physical representation of biophilic design and the connectivity of nature to humans, by incorporating nature into the home. It took around 3-4 months to fully complete, making it transportable through the use of fabric as the backdrop, and holes that allow it to be hung up. 

Art Medium of Preference

Manual skills and the physical creation of things, as seen in the Green Wall, but I prefer to write. 

Why I Did a Master's Degree

To broaden my skillset already distinguished through the completion of my degree. Which in turn, led me to the discovery of and interest in nature and it's connectivity and impact on humans. The best things about the course was being able to determine my own brief, having full control of it, making it suit my specialism. 

What Is Next for Me

Currently, I'm planning to go travelling around the world (once Covid-19 allows) but, afterwards, I plan to settle down and start a business or become a botanist.

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