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  • Director: Professor Sally Elton-Chalcraft sally.elton-chalcraft@cumbria.ac.uk
  • Research and Practice in Higher Education: Theme Lead: Dr Iain MacDonald iain.macdonald@cumbria.ac.uk, 
  • Outdoor Learning: Joint Theme Leads: Professor Heather Prince heather.prince@cumbria.ac.uk Jamie.McPhie@cumbria.ac.uk jennifer.ager@cumbria.ac.uk
  • Working within diverse communities: Joint Theme Leads: Graham Hallett graham.hallett@cumbria.ac.uk, Dr Adrian Copping adrian.copping@cumbria.ac.uk & Kelly Powell Kelly.powell@cumbria.ac.uk
  • Teacher Education Advancement Network (TEAN): sally.elton-chalcraft@cumbria.ac.uk     pete.boyd@cumbria.ac.uk
  • Assessment in Higher Education Network (AHE): Emeritus Pete Boyd pete.boyd@cumbria.ac.uk
  • SEND conference sally.elton-chalcraft@cumbria.ac.uk
  • Charlotte Mason Centenary events sally.elton-chalcraft@cumbria.ac.uk


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