This app will help you to think about the relationship between the values and consequences of what you do, how you spend your time and how you feel about it.

How we feel about what we do can change over time, this app will help you map this over a period of time.  You can look at the results of your answers for a particular day, or for a longer time period.  There is also a notes area where you can keep notes about why you gave the answers you did.

Download the app here:

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This app is laid out with structured questions about the values and consequences of your activities

  • ‘Value’ is how you feel about the activity in terms of importance, worth, meaning, appeal or significance of it.
  • ‘Consequence’ is the result or effect of doing the activity – it could be an outcome, feeling, practical result or feedback from someone else.

By using this app, you will also be taking part in ongoing research at the University of Cumbria, led by Dr Karen Morris,  investigating the relationship between the values and consequences of activities and how these evolve over time.  Your data will not be identifiable to you as a person, but will be collated with all the other users so that researchers can see trends and changes  (see Terms and Conditions  for further information on data management). Any research project will have the necessary ethical approvals in place, before data is used. Please contact Dr Karen Morris if you have any queries about this research.

Terms and Conditions