The CaCHeT team is multi-disciplinary, including technologists, social researchers, clinical specialists and innovators. Our team includes 'core members' and associates, some of whom work on specific projects. Our interests are varied and we can also draw on an extended network of colleagues with diverse skills in nursing and allied health professions, psychology, sociology, product design and management.

CaCHeT Staff:

Alison Marshall, PhD

Professor of Health Technology and Innovation, Director of the Cumbrian Centre for Health Technologies (CaCHeT)

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Elaine Bidmead, PhD

Research Fellow, Cumbrian Centre for Health Technologies (CaCHeT)

Elaine's background is in Sociology and Social Research. As a research fellow for CaCHeT, Elaine researches user acceptance of digital innovations in healthcare.  Elaine has a particular interest in involving and engaging communities and user-groups as partners in the research process.

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Kath Ward

Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy | Department of Health, Psychology and Social Studies

Kath has a clinical background in secure mental health services as an occupational therapist. Her work with CaCHeT currently involves helping digital health leaders to integrate theory into their practice in order to  facilitate effective implementation of innovation.

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Alison Hampson

Head of Department for Health, Psychology and Social Studies.

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Frances Sapsford, MSc MCSP

Frances has a background in Physiotherapy and was a clinical specialist in neurological physiotherapy prior to coming to the University of Cumbria. Frances’s interests are in the clinical application of digital technologies within a physiotherapy context. Frances is a Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, deparment of the Health, Psychology and Social Studies.

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Susie Wilson

Senior Lecturer / Programme Lead MSc Occupational Therapy, Department of Health, Psychology and Social Studies

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Visiting Staff:

Victoria Betton, PhD

10th Anniversary Visiting Research Fellow

Kevin Doughty

10th Anniversary Visiting Professor for Digital Transformation of Care Services

Clive Flashman

10th Anniversary Honorary Lecturer

Suresh Rao

Visiting Professor, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust